Fine Times

We provide highly skilled guest services hosts for your upcoming small gathering for fewer than 1,000 attendees. No event is too small, and we have experience in a vast array of private events and smaller venues.

Events & Venues

  • wineries
  • quinceañeras
  • government buildings
  • corporate parties
  • private parties
  • fraternity parties
  • corporate functions


Excitable Medium

We are at the ready to provide a range of services for your upcoming event for up to 40,000 attendees. We can adapt and accommodate the variety of needs required for crowds of this size.

Events & Venues

  • fundraisers
  • college and university events
  • trade shows
  • conventions
  • concerts
  • performing arts centers


Big Fun

We have decades of experience providing all levels of crowd management and security at multiday and large events for up to 100,000+ attendees. Rural or urban, indoor or outdoor, we know how to handle the big crowds.

Events & Venues

  • football and other indoor or outdoor sporting events
  • concerts
  • state and county fairs
  • music festivals
  • rodeos
  • outdoor amphitheaters
  • stadiums